How To Make Money Using Your Smartphone 2021

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it’s risky to live on a single source of income; far dangerous not to have any source of income. Everyone needs money, even if they have got a steady job. Nothing gives more joy than a little extra cash in the bank. And sometimes working an extra job may not be feasible at all. So, instead of working another five-hour job and ending up with body aches, why not use your smartphone to make money online? Yes, you read correctly; your android or iPhone that you watch movies and stalk celebrities on Instagram with. You can easily convert it into your moneymaking charm, lol. All you need to do is read through this guide, see what works best for you, and voila! You’re on your way to moneymaking goodness.

How To Make Money With Your Smartphone


Digiadd is arguably the best affiliate marketing platform currently. The platform has survived the test of time and has proven to be one of the best. All you need do is register and share a few ads on your WhatsApp status then get paid instantly. Registration is totally FREE. The best part is; you can use your earnings to promote your brand and reach thousands of everyday WhatsApp users.


If you love taking pictures, this app will be a win-win for you, I kid you not. Download the app, upload your pictures, set a price tag, and wait for the buyers. The only condition is your pictures have to be top quality. You can take pictures of anything at all, people like weird stuff. This doesn’t necessarily mean going into the wild to snap some hunting lions or sleeping chimps, taking a nature shot can, I bet you, earn you few bucks!


Play James Bond, without the risk of your life, of course. All you have to do is download the app, pick jobs that fit your skillset, and complete said jobs in two hours. All on your phone. You may be required to get information like videos, photos from certain places. Complete the tasks and earn your money! Just like that.

i-Say Mobile

All you have to do on this app is to make and complete surveys and earn points. That’s all. Nothing extra. Your points are redeemable as gift cards on Amazon and iTunes, or you can convert to cash if you want.


I bet you’re shocked that Facebook is on the list of how to make money with your smartphone; please don’t be. We all know that Mark Zukerberg does not pay users (dude is stingy, maybe), but you can turn Facebook to a money-making platform. I know your next question; HOW? Well, you can create groups, nurture the groups, and sell it off to brand owners or audience seekers. It is still a low-key cool business that is yet to go viral. You’re welcome.

Google Opinion Rewards

This app is a survey app too. The beautiful thing about it is that you answer the questions as easily as you can say 1,2,3. And you earn rewards and play store credit too. awesome, right?


Do data entry jobs online on this app and make money. Register as a clickworker and get notifications about jobs. You could earn up to $10 per hour. Shine your eye! Check the app regularly for job updates and you’re good to go!


This app is one of the best apps for taking surveys while earning points. And these points are exchangeable. You can exchange points for vouchers, products, and even money. It is totally stressless, just answer the questions, rack up your points, and win whatever you want.

Cash Pirate

Gamers say hey! With Cash Pirate, your love for games is gonna yield more than bragging rights. Its gonna yield money! That’s right. On cash pirate, you can play games and earn points that you can cash out through PayPal, gift cards, or mobile recharge. And if you don’t like games, not to worry. You can watch videos, try products, complete surveys, and invite your friends. Sweet, eh?

Lucky Day

Instead of standing at a kiosk and sweating as you try to put the numbers together, try Lucky Day. This app allows you to play lotto and raffle games for money. The more you play, the more you win!

The Harris Poll

Being an online shopper isn’t a waste of delivery fees anymore! Ask me how. Oh, let me just tell you! With the ShopTracker app, you can earn money by helping research companies find out what goods are the most popular online. Your anonymity is guaranteed and you earn rewards every month.


You have seen a doctor’s handwriting on a note, haven’t you? It is barely legible. Now imagine what their documents and paperwork look like. Well, you can help tired doctors better focus on their patients by helping them take care of their paperwork and documentation. Like a virtual assistant. And you get paid, too.


Play games, try new apps, watch videos, complete surveys, and get paid! All you need to do is download the app, get registered, and earn your cash. You can cash out via PayPal or gift cards from Amazon and iTunes.

Carry1st Trivia

Most of us geniuses couldn’t get on MTN’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and the annoying games didn’t offer the opportunity to cash out for real. But, frown no more, with carry1st, you can answer simple questions on the app and earn your money. It is legitimate, honest to goodness money. Imagine getting paid for answering questions, correctly of course.


Instead of watching Taooma, Maraji, Lasisi, and the others on Facebook and youtube with your hard-earned data, why not try InstaNaira? The app allows you to watch Nollywood movies, music videos, comedy skits, read news stories, and earn cash and airtime rewards. And if you want more, you can use the referral system. Get your friends to join in and get more money.

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If you thought you couldn’t do graphic designs on your phone, you thought wrong. Yes, you did. All you need to do is sit down with a bag of plantain chips, a drink, an internet connection, and the app. That’s all. Make your money with your phone. And you could host a class on your phone too and teach others. Tell me thank you.

Tribe Influencer

Say you have a huge number of followers on either Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Do you know you could monetize it? Well, read carefully, Download the Tribe Influencer app, check out the brands available, and pick the one you can work with. Make the arrangements, post their products and services, tag them, and get paid. Easy peasy money! All on your smartphone.

Storm Play

If you have heard about cryptocurrency and do not know how to work it, this is for you. Earn cryptocurrency, whether bitcoin or ethereum by trying out new games. And if you’re not an avid gamer, do not worry. You can also try out new products and services too. But be sure to have a crypto wallet, before you begin.

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