Best 2020 Movies | Netflix Best Pick | Amazon Prime Latest

2020 best movies


Best 2020 Movies | Netflix Best Pick | Amazon Prime Latest

At the cinemas! Oh, sorry, we can’t go to the cinema anymore. The pandemic has taken that from us. Talk about the torture. Anyways, we cinephiles always find a way to do what we love the most; gorge on movies. It really doesn’t matter anyway, there are a whole lot of movies to be watched. Some movies were released as made for the film, others as straight to DVD and it has been a fest! And of course, Netflix, Amazon, and HBO are doing what they do best and new movies and series are released on these platforms almost every day. If you are confused about what to watch, no worries, we have put together a list of the best 2020 movies you SHOULD watch, if you haven’t just yet.

Best Movies On Netflix 2020


Chris Hemsworth delivered a worthy performance in this action-packed thriller. his sexy Australian accent coupled with the sights and sounds of India is definitely worth losing sleepover!

Lost Girls

loosely based on a true story, this movie is equal parts thrilling and terrifying. you’ll enjoy it, of course, alongside a bowl of buttered popcorn.

The Half Of It

no one was definitely expecting the end of this coming of age movie. The actors are a sweet bunch and the beautiful Leah Lewis delivers a beautiful performance. You may shed a few tears, it is so sweet.

SpiderMan: Into The Spider-verse

this is the best spiderman movie ever! That is my staunch opinion. Sorry, Tobey Maguire.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

This romantic comedy had me sniffing and blinking back tears. It is so beautiful as it chronicles the way we all felt when we had our first crushes. I still have mine, though.

Always Be My Maybe

Teenage romance is so sweet, but it doesn’t always last. Find out what happens when two people reconnect after years of separation.

Beasts Of No Nation

Idris Elba throws a star performance our way in this movie. This movie is one of the best child soldiers movies ever.

I Lost My Body

Love is bold and unfearing. This animated movie is definitely not your usual animation story.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Harrison Ford delivered a swoon-worthy performance in this epic classic. It is arguably one of the best movies of all time, not just in 2020.

Blue Valentine

Amazing movie, really. You should watch this contemporary American couple go through life. It is so in touch with reality.

Best Movies On Amazon Prime 2020


Totally worth the time! Taron Egerton was a dear beau in this movie. and as always, Elton John is a legend!


Bumblebee gets to fly in this solo action spin-off of the Transformers. And there’s enough wisecracking to keep you happy and content. Plus, John Cena…

Fighting With My Family

Tough love, lots of swearing, enough work out routines to keep you fit forever. what more could you possibly want? Dwayne Johnson comes with the whole package too, hunkalicious!


Double the horror, double the heartbreak, double the pain. This movie will leave you yelling in fear. I warned you.

The Avengers

The MCU gave us a huge load of action when they dropped this in our laps! and it doesn’t disappoint, trust me. I have watched it over and over and over again.

The Great Escape

Think Prison Break in the ’60s, that’s what you have got here. Fun, plus weird characters.

The Handmaiden

I wasn’t expecting this movie at all! It wasn’t cliche or easily predictable. And this is coming from someone that’s not a fan of Korean drama.

Eighth Grade

Mean girls, but in middle school! Plus, a pool party isn’t such a bad idea, is it?


Zombie meets Nazi meets US soldiers. Your guess is as good as mine! It is not going to be pretty.

The Big Sick

Best Comedy Movies 2020

Bad Boys For Life

Two things happen when you watch this movie. One. you die laughing. Two, you get drunk and wake up in Mexico.


Chris Pratt and Tom Holland deliver a very hilarious performance. And it promises to get you teary.

The Lovebirds

Aww, don’t they look sweet? well, beneath all of that is a level of craziness unmatched.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

It is raining food in this classic! And you do not wanna be caught in it. Or do you?

Dolemite Is My Name

He’s back! Eddie gives a stellar performance in this biopic. And that’s saying something.

My Spy

A cheeky kid that is far too smart for her own good. A hulking CIA agent. A star-struck techie. Wonderful French accents, or no? What is bound to go wrong?


Robert Downey jr is an intellectual genius. And the animals aren’t bothered by his eccentricity, or are they?

Sonic The Hedgehog

There’s an ongoing argument in my family. Who is faster? Sonic or the Flash? I know who my money is on!

Like A Boss

There’s crazy and then there’s these two. Binge-watch by all means!


A wine sniffer? No way. Follow the drama that comes with tradition, wine, and a nice barbeque, of course.


Rose Bryne did make Steven Carrell clench his jaw more than once in this movie. Incredible chemistry right there, folks.

Best Horror Movies 2020

Invisible Man

Fight the unseen. brave the dark. prove them wrong. and stay sane while you’re at it.

The Grudge

one thing is for sure, you’re never taking long baths anymore. Terrific movie though.


The clear blue isn’t always what it seems. and these expediters find out the hard way.

The Turning

See that look? that’s what you’ll be looking like through the entire movie. And days after.

Come To Daddy

my only advice to you is: run! Daddy does not like you.

The Lodge

Welcome to the lodge. A stepmother, two kids, and a house. All hell is about to break loose.

Blood Quantum

This is for you, if you’re a zombie movie addict. You’ll love the gore.

The Platform

An all you can eat buffet. The problem is getting to the platform in time. You won’t be thinking of food when you’re done.

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