Amazing Free Online Courses And Where To Get Them

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Amazing Free Online Courses And Where To Get Them

The global pandemic has definitely left us with fewer options for passing time. And stalking our favorite celebrities on social media or having a good time with family can only last so long. You would need something to occupy yourself with. Well, not to worry. We have put together a list of free online courses in various subject areas you’d love. All you have to do is click on the link!

Note that these courses are offered by the very best tutors in highly ranked organizations and institutions, and so, you don’t have to worry about the genuineness of the course. Have fun!

Graphic Design

You probably didn’t know that you could learn graphics design on your own as an online course, did you? Well, you can. So no more masterclasses and Whatsapp sessions. You can do this on your own, at your pace. And your questions are answered too. Isn’t that wonderful? Click here for more. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 

Digital Marketing


This course is a total treat! All the tricks you need and a lot more. And there are enough resources to help you learn more and more. Trust me, you’d be very surprised at the things you’ll learn from this course. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 


No. It is not a snake. Python is a high level, object-oriented programming language. Yeah, think Java and the likes. It is quite easy to pick up and most programmers swear by it. Get the basics down with this beginner-friendly course.  (Link to course: CLICK ME). 

Artificial Intelligence

Yes. You can learn AI online. You do not need to attend MIT or Harvard first. And you can certainly cultivate an interest in machine intelligence. Be at the forefront of AI in Africa with this awesome learning program. (Link to course: CLICK ME)

Fashion Design

If you have been thinking you would have to be apprenticed to learn fashion design, you have been thinking wrong. Learn from the best and gain real-life experience. And if you aren’t so enthusiastic about the design process, you can learn the business! Open yourself to a world of opportunities. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 


Learn the secret secrets behind some of the best-animated movies the world has seen. Brush up on your skills if you are an amateur and start from the top, if you’re a newbie. This course is just what you need. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 

Design Thinking

people need solutions to their everyday problems. Design thinking teaches you how to do that effectively. You harness resources available to you and use them in the best possible methods. Learn more here. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 


Reading up information nay sometimes be bulky and boring. With infographics, it is easier to pass information in a shorter time and accurately so. Learn how to design and make infographics here. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 

Public Speaking

Not everyone is Martin Luther King Jr or Barack Obama. In fact, most people would rather avoid speaking in public altogether. But, it is unavoidable. To help unleash your hidden orator and boost your confidence levels to a new high, click here. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 


Digital currency is slowly running the world. And there’s so much gist about it on the internet. Almost everyone is an expert! Don’t be intimidated though. We have a free online course for you that caters to all your thoughts on cryptocurrency. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 


Why do we act the way that we do? There are many books on the subject. But you’d rather prefer a class so you can ask those questions, right? You are just in the right place. We have got a free online course picked especially for you. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 


Light, motion, capture. I think that’s photography in three words. The art of photography is seeing and will continue to see so much development. Whether you’re a newbie, amateur, or professional, this course is perfect for you. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 


We talk every time. Sometimes we are understood, sometimes not. You can improve your communication skills by taking this free online course. And you’ll thank me after. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 

Creative Writing

Putting pen to paper is quite interesting. Becoming the next John Grisham or Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie takes a lot of hard work. We have selected one of many courses to set you on your way. Have fun! (Link to course: CLICK ME). 

Song Writing

How many times have you had to wince due to poorly written lyrics? This is your opportunity to learn the art behind great songs like “Helium” and “Thriller”. And possibly sell a good song or two to you-know-who. See more. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 


Maybe you don’t like Python. Or you are a pro at it. Step up to the challenge and take this free online course in Javascript. It may knock you on your arse, lol. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 

Visual Design

Optimizing user interface is something developers work on every day. We enjoy hitch-free rides on our apps and computers. And laugh at some funny looking artsy bits. This course is designed to take you through the rudiments of visual design. Have a go! (Link to course: CLICK ME). 

Organic Agriculture

Go green all the way. Banish the inorganic from your farm and shelves. See how to raise healthy food for yourself and heal the world. Mother Earth will thank you for this. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 


Who doesn’t love a good movie? I mean we are keeping our fingers crossed for some pretty great releases. And there’s a whole world out there to bring to life. Indulge in this treat and pick your brains for a bit. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 


Programmers say hey! Try out this really intensive marathon on Kotlin. It is free, of course. Say hey when you finish, eh? (Link to course: CLICK ME). 

Financial Markets

The world is a huge market. That is something you know. But how is this market run? Who dictates the tunes? Find out all these and more here. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 

Android Development

Ever since we first met the android, we have seen various improvements to his physique and software. Learn the process that leads up to the finished product. It is infinitely rewarding, trust me. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 

Italian Cuisine

I know I have eaten enough bowls of fettuccine and chicken Alfredo in my dreams. Bring those dreams to life and take this rewarding course on Italian cuisine. It is a free online course. And don’t forget to open your bistro afterward. I”ll stop by for lunch. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 

Materials Science

I bet you didn’t see this one coming. We included it for you. It is easy to finish. And if you didn’t know, materials science is the study of solids or matter. Interesting, right? See more. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 


A free online course on econometrics! No way! What were the chances of that happening? Well, it just happened. See more here. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 

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Game Design

Minecraft, God Of War, Call Of Duty! Who doesn’t love the thrill that comes with video games? Go behind the scenes and see how they are created. And come back with a prototype or two. (Link to course: CLICK ME). 

CV Writing

You need this. You know it. We can probably call this a life skill. Learn how to write a most dashing CV, for free! (Link to course: CLICK ME). 


Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to share it with friends. Let us know in the comment section if there is any course you would love to study online that is not included on the list, we might just help you out with the link.

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