Lifestyle Hacks: How To Glam Up Your WorkSpace

how to glam up your workspace
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Lifestyle Hacks: How To Glam Up Your WorkSpace

Can we be honest with ourselves? There comes a time when we can no longer stand how plain or conventional our workspace looks. We’ll tend to get bored stepping into an office space every day of the week, all year long with the same outlook. And if this goes on for too long, it soon begins to take a toll on our minds and grossly affect our productivity. Maybe a little twist here and a little twist there is what your workspace needs. If you’re reading this, it means you fall into either of these categories. You’re looking for inspiration for how to glam up your workspace or you’re wondering how you can birth that dream workspace that’s sitting in your head. Turning your workspace into something that resonates with you and gives expression to your personality is simply the goal for you.

I’ve Got Good News

Your dream workspace can soon become a reality. What’s more, getting that glammed-up look that you want doesn’t mean you’re gonna have to create a huge hole in your finances. With the right knowledge and tips, you can get your workspace popping with life and throwing shots of motivation at you in no time.

One of the huge benefits of working from home is the freedom to get a customizable office. You simply have the liberty to decorate and redecorate your workspace, with splashes of personalized touches here and there.

Let’s walk through some necessary hacks on how to glam up your workspace and turn it into a room you’d feel elated walking into.

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How To Glam Up Your WorkSpace

Consider your budget

It’s easy for you to get all excited and just jump right into glamming up your workspace without gathering enough foresight about what the whole process is gonna entail. Before you begin anything, decide on the amount of money you want to spend on the entire “glam-up-your-work-space” project. This would determine the kind of furniture and accessories you’re going to acquire and where you’ll acquire these from. Depending on your budget (and preferences), you could decide to get these things from a thrift store or acquire brand new items. Instead of getting new pieces of furniture, you could also decide to hire someone to do a makeover on the furniture that you already have, to give it that glammed-up look.

Whatever it is you’re settling for, ensure your decision is being guided by your budget.

Add Some Glam Furniture

After all, if you want to create a glammed-up workspace, you’re going to need to add in some glam furniture. To kick things off, start with adding some much-needed furniture to your home office. Consider pieces of furniture that are sturdy or chic and brightens up your office space. Be sure to add some organizing desk tools which also beautiful pop of color to your space.

Mix Old and New

The fact that you’ve decided to set out to glam up your workspace doesn’t mean you’re gonna have to throw out all of the items that were once in your workspace. So long they still retain their aesthetics and functionality, you don’t have to throw them out. Don’t be afraid to mix old and new décor. A mix of vintage and modern makes a home feel warm, lived in, and personal, instead of feeling like a showroom.

You could pair an antique rug (or any other accessory) that you already have with a pair of new chairs (or any other furniture).

Get Artsy

Decorate with images that speak to you. Even if you’re crunching numbers all day, there’s some sort of energy and vibrancy that art adds to your workspace. Take advantage of this. You can place some framed artwork on the wall, it could be something abstract or definite. However, not everyone is a fan of art and bright colors. If this is you, personal pictures of family, friends, or pets on the wall would do too. You could also limit the art to plain images if this is what resonates with you.

Throw in some accessories

Lights, mirrors, waste bins, glassware, are all considered accessories for interior spaces. These add some aesthetic effect to the room and make it all the more welcoming. Breathing some life into your space has the tendency of making you want to stay in it longer. A lovely plant is said to help keep you feeling calm and clean the air—plus it looks pretty too.

If these elements are in place, there’s a high possibility you’ll be more motivated to work in the space.

What kind of accessories would you like to add to your workspace? Do your preferences veer towards vintage or you’re more of the modern type? Let us know in the comment section.


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