Ten Things To Do Before You Turn 30: A Complete To-do List

ten things to do before you turn 30
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If you’re reading this and you’re not yet 30, congrats! You’re at the best time of your life. Your twenties are the years where you can actually live life to the fullest, and when you get to set the path the rest of your life would take. In this list, I have compiled absolute must Dos for the years before you turn 30.

Develop a good financial habit.

Before we go into the fun parts, we have to cover the basics. Your financial habits in your twenties are most likely going to follow you throughout your life, so it’s best to start cultivating a good financial habit. This includes saving, investing, and staying far away from gambling, borrowing, and other financial quicksands.

 Develop good personal habits.

Your twenties are the years to unlearn the bad habits and information gathered when you were younger, and pick up good habits. Quit smoking if you have picked it up, quit that poor sleep cycle, quit lying, stealing and any other bad habits you may have. Cultivate eating healthy, sleeping adequately, reaching out to loved ones, and other good habits that would stick for the rest of your life.

 Get that banging body you desire.

Hey, this is part of developing good habits, but it deserves a whole point on its own. There are way (major emphasis on ‘way’) too many people unhappy with their bodies everywhere, and if you’re to have that amazing body, now’s the time to develop the habit. Work out!!! Develop a fitness regime and stick with it. It may be jogging every day, it may be going to the gym regularly, but don’t just eat and sleep, train that body.

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 Buy something you really want, on impulse or not.

There’s always something that you’ll want really much, and to be honest, the finances on ground may not be able to cover the expenses, but once they look up, splurge on it, get it for yourself and glow with happiness for what you have done.

Binge-watch your favorite series

You can do this alone, or with someone, but there’s really no way to effectively describe the feeling that comes with watching the episodes of your favorite series all at once, so grab your popcorn and settle down to have the best time of your life!

Fall in love

Where’s the fun and spice in a life without love? You may be one to put your guards up and key your heart when it comes to love, but for once, drag those walls down, and let love flood in. It may be an absolutely fun experience, or it may not, let’s be honest, but loving someone and being loved is something to live for. The earlier, the better.

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 Travel out of your country

Hey, I understand, you may have really amazing sights to see in your homeland, and probably some really cute animals too, but before you turn 30, pack your bags, book a flight, and take a look at the world outside the one you’re used too. You can pick up a language on the way, make some new friends, and even fall in love, who knows! (wink)

 Read the News

Reading or watching the news may seem like a thing old people do, but now is a good time to start. Get to know what’s going on in your environment and in the world, and what better way to know than to read the news? Build your standpoint in politics and other related matters, and be able to contribute meaningfully to conversations on events around the globe.

 Throw, and attend a party

You may be a party popper already, or you may have never attended even one party in your life. Whichever you may be, try to party hard, at least once before you turn 30 and the bones go weary. You only live once, YOLO! remember?

 Get peace of mind.

This may be the last, but it is the most important. Being at peace with yourself is going to be the most valuable skill you’ll have in your life. Don’t compare yourself with others, don’t look down on yourself because of what you see in social media, and most especially, know how to accept rejection and move on with your life.



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