Eleven Habits of Successful People

habits of successful people
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Appearing on Forbes listings is one of the best things that can ever happen in a person’s lifetime. It doesn’t help that there are lots of lists for pretty much everything; 30 under 30, 40 under 40, 100 most influential, top 50 CEOs, and the list is endless. Looks like there’s space for everyone, right? No, there isn’t.

Only a few people in this whole, entire world get to appear on these lists. And don’t think you can’t get off the list; you can, when you begin to slack.

The Big Question

How do these people get on the lists? We see their names everywhere and we wish we had their money, lol, I wish I do. But we really wish we were like them, recognizable around the world and racking in millions every day. What makes these individuals such critically acclaimed successes? How does one become successful? And stay successful?

Habits Are Everything

Habits are a great determiner of whether we become successful or not. They are little bits that gradually make up our lifestyle. Becoming successful isn’t a day’s job. It is the outflow of beautiful habits that have accumulated over the years, ask Jeff Bezos.

To help you on the path to success, I have put together a list of habits that will guide you and unleash your success potentials. Now, these habits aren’t a product of guesswork, rather, they are tried and proven. Your favorite success models swear by them.

Daily Habits of Successful People

Successful people have habits that they indulge in every day, and they don’t even notice it.  Why? They do it all the time and are used to it. If you want to wind up the next Steve Jobs, or the next Oprah Winfrey, then you must take a look at these common habits of successful people.

They get up early

Waking up with the sun isn’t such a bad idea, you know. This keeps you in perspective and you are able to properly plan your day. Waking up early affords you the opportunity for a few minutes of meditation and self- reflection, too.

You can’t be on the bed all the time like you are competing with the dead, and end up successful in the land of the living.

They prioritize

Know what your priorities are and ensure that you are strict with them. It would be a great help if your friends knew that too. Guzzling beer after beer at the pub after work isn’t going to help you proffer solutions to customer relations issues at the staff meeting the next day. And bloodshot eyes are not the kind of notice you want to give your boss. Ask Mark, he’ll tell you same.

They pay attention to details

While most people are fine with reading a summarized memo or treating potential customers or investors with false excitement, you shouldn’t. Pay attention to the tiny details, you might save someone from entering a bad debt. Note everything about everything, get updates on your industry or the industry you would love to work in, notice the key players and observe. You’ll thank me later.

They don’t brag

Nothing causes nausea like the stench of pride. Some people feel and act like they can’t be wrong, or corrected or mistaken. Such people often blame others for their mistakes. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy dose of self- confidence, but letting it get in your way isn’t the way to go. And note, no one is going to mentor a proud person, how about that?

They know when to say no to NO

It is quite easy to hit the dregs and feel all pitiful and lonesome after a massive disappointment. However, your tenacity will show and leave a note-worthy impression when you get back on your feet and go after it with dogged persistence. Retrying should be an everyday hustle because the world is going to throw several NOs at you. And you have got to say no and get the world to say yes. Impossible is nothing, ask Elon Musk.

They are positive-minded people

We face negatives every day, in varying doses. People can be huge sources of negativity, too. They say you can’t do something because no one has ever done it before; it’s too much of a risk, and all of that ugly stuff that makes you question yourself. Kick them out the door, along with all those ugly thoughts. Surround yourself with positive people; it’s totally okay to tell Judas you don’t want to hang out anymore.

They don’t stop Learning

I can’t stress this enough. Learn every day, as much as you can, when you can and where you can. You can’t know too much. Increase your knowledge every day. You can learn about totally unrelated stuff, it won’t hurt. But, learn. You could open more doors than you think. Read a book, articles, journals. Watch documentaries and google new stuff. You’ll be amazed at the things you’ll discover. You’re welcome!

They plan and stick to it

Have a plan for each day and stick to it. It is easy to get distracted and spend your free hours stalking your favorite celebrities or gossiping with Angela from work. That is a habit you should break. Try your best to reach your goals for each day, there’s a sense of fulfillment waiting when you accomplish over 90%. Create a ToDo list, set a target for yourself and reward yourself when you meet up.

They stay updated

This is very, very important. Do not be the last to hear about what is happening in your industry. Know what’s happening at all times, follow the news, and note the opportunities and the traps. Have information at your fingertips, nobody likes stale news. Do this every day.

They read a lot

This may seem like hell to some, but you have got to. Minds are shaped by minds, actions are influenced by thoughts and thoughts, to a large extent come from books. Read a book every day, preferably at night before you sleep. A few chapters every night will do you good. Bill Gates has favourite authors, you know. So, add that to your daily to-do list; read!

They nod at Tunes Too

This is a personal favorite. Honestly, how would we survive without the evocating thrills of Aretha Franklin, or the beautiful riffs of Bowie, or the soulful tenor of Andrea Bocelli. Even famous people have their favorites; Elon Musk likes Frank Sinatra, Mark Zuckerberg likes Daft Punk, Barack Obama likes Jay-Z, Jack Ma likes MJ, to say a few. As you drive to work, stream your favorite songs and sing along, you’ll thank me.

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As you nurture these habits and do them daily, they’ll result in you becoming:

Goal-oriented: You fix goals and meet them in the shortest possible time.

Action-oriented: Yep! There’s no sitting with your arms folded for you, you get things done. A rather nice reputation to have, isn’t it?

Result-driven: You work towards getting the best possible result and won’t quit until you do.

People-oriented: You value your relationships with people. You are considerate, have a listening ear and quite eager to hear what others think.

Health-conscious: Yeah, you really want to stay on top of that list for a long while, so you are quite conscious of your body and what goes in and out of it.

Honest: You want people to be able to take your word to the bank, so you are so full of honesty and integrity, you could probably bottle it up and sell it, lol.

Self-disciplined: You have quite the handle on your emotions and can think quite logically, even in the toughest situations.

There you have it, simple habits that eventually become your lifestyle and earn you a place on the list of successful people. If you loved it, let us know by dropping a comment. Don’t forget to share it with friends!

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