Earn More Money Doing What You Like

earn more money
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Earn More Money Doing What You Like

Living off just your salary as your mainstream of income can leave you stressed, constantly worried, and even in some cases, depressed (unless you’re earning millions of dollars every month). At some point, we all start thinking of an extra business that can be done by the side to earn you more money. But then, how do you set up this business?

Weigh the balance, how much free time do you have?

To be able to successfully determine your free time, you must first identify time wasters and eliminate them. What are those things that take up most of your time and end up not productive? Effective planning of your day is one way to eliminate time wasters. After getting rid of the time-wasters, take stock of how much free time you have. Do you resume work by 9 and close by 5? What number of hours are you setting aside for sleep and leisure? And finally, how much time do you have left?

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Dig into the details, what can you do?

Having taken stock of the amount of free time you have, the next step is to consider the activity that you can do in this free time to earn more money while maintaining a balance in your life. The first question to ask yourself here is, what do you like? Since you’ll most probably be doing this after a stressful day at work, it is only best to pick something that you’ll absolutely love doing. The internet has a whole stash of activities to pick out from (activities like filling online surveys, content creation, digital marketing, graphics design, app testing, and so on), so you can also explore those. If you have more time and energy on your hands, you can also consider running an offline business, like baking cupcakes.

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Consistency is key.

Congrats! You have figured out what to do, but hold on, that’s not all, always remember that consistency is key, and to be successful at something, you actually have to keep doing it over and over again. So, the extra income coming in may not be so much at the beginning, but don’t give up, and keep at it, it’ll eventually grow to be something you’re proud of.

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