Five Valuable Skills To Learn In 2020

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Let us admit a fact. The world is moving. It is advancing at such a rate that if you don’t catch up fast, you’ll become stuck in an old and unproductive cycle, probably working twice as hard, and earning twice as little as the one who chooses to advance with the world. But what does it really take? What skills are proving valuable in recent times?


A creative person is a really big plus to any team at all, as creative people end up to be really resourceful persons. Contrary to what most people think, creativity is not something that some are born with, and others can’t acquire. It is a skill that can be developed by anyone. The first step anyone can make towards being creative is thinking without a box. Creativity can also be acquired by gathering inspiration from other creative people and works.

          Emotional intelligenceskills to learn in 2020

Empathy should be the base for every interaction we have with others this year. Why? If we are to genuinely admit it, everyone is going through one thing or the other, it has been a tough year. Hence, to get maximum results from people and avoid putting them in stressed-out states or even depression, we should be able to decipher moods, have empathy, and be considerate while speaking, and interacting with others.

      Digital Literacyskills to learn in 2020

The world is fast running out on paper, and running in on digital gadgets, so you should catch up. There are some basic things that you should at least have knowledge of how to use, like Video conferencing apps (you don’t want them shouting “mute your mic” at you, do you?); Social media (and how to make good use of them); e-mail and a host of others. This skill would help you if you need to get remote jobs, or even work from home.

        Social skillsskills to learn in 2020

People are running out of time, and if you are to interact with them, you have to interact effectively. Interacting effectively with people you are not familiar with simply means introducing yourself and your purpose of reaching out in your first sentence, and not saying “hi” and leaving the conversation hanging. A lack of social skills would always make you have awkward conversations, with the other party a tad bit uncomfortable.

     Brandingskills to learn in 2020

You don’t need to have a product for sale before you learn how to sell. People with fewer skills and capabilities than you possess are ‘packaging and selling’ themselves. And you’re probably not getting your dream job because you’re not selling yourself. Personal branding encompasses your professional appearance, Social media blueprint, and generally the things that you put out to the world to see. Learning how to represent yourself out there as a brand is a great skill to learn, as that may be the difference between where you are now, and where you want to be.


Do you now see why you have simply got to have these skills in hand? A bird in hand is worth two in the bush, think about it!


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