20 Movies You Should Never Watch Alone

movies you should never watch alone
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20 Movies You Should Never Watch Alone

Everyone likes a good movie and most would rather watch by themselves, than with people. Reasons vary, and if you are like me, you would rather like to be able to pause the movie and scream or run off to get a snack or something. And for horror movie buffs, the silence is half the thrill. And while I like horror movies, I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch one completely without skipping scenes. The goosebumps and pictures in the dark are worth it, I think. But, there are quite a few movies that you should never watch alone. They will have even the most detached, horror movie veteran thinking twice about watching alone.

These movies are painfully realistic and will scare you to an inch of your life. And please do not watch them at night, whatever you do. We won’t be held responsible for the aftermath. Watch in the day, with the windows open and the curtains tied up, you don’t want to see your curtains moving in the middle of a movie. And if you really want to watch them at night, call a party of fellow horror movie veterans. You all can snuggle under the blanket on the couch and watch till your eyes are fried, lol. it will be fun to see their reactions.

Oh, and one more thing, do not fool anyone who isn’t a veteran into this movie marathon or night, otherwise, you’ll have to find a way for them to unsee what they will see.

P.S: we aren’t giving any spoilers, sort of.

The Shining

Seeing ghosts isn’t a glamorous business or a superpower. And as our poor protagonist finds out, ghosts can be quite devilish. Yes, it is an adaptation of Stephen King’s book of the same name. It is every bit as terrifying as the book, if not worse.

The Blair Witch Project

You know how curiosity kills the cat? Well, in this case, the cat never came back to life. This movie will make you think twice about your daredevil stunts and if indeed it is wise to tamper with local myths and legends. And you might want to pardon the shaky cameras, it was as real as real could get.

The Conjuring

People peed on themselves in the middle of this movie. I know a few persons. And if you are able to sleep for the next two days after watching this, send a mail, you’ll get a badge from us. And to think it was based on the real-life experiences of real-life paranormal investigators? Nope, no more venturing into old, creepy looking houses for me.

The Exorcist

If you think that demon possession is a fable, watch this, please. But please have a companion, or you just might drop your phone as you shudder in fright. And you might want to have a few scripture verses handy, and holy water, if you have a bottle. Simply put, there is no way you are unseeing any of this.

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

Imagine getting into the university and in your first year, you begin to see and hear stuff, and then you are finally possessed by one of the strongest demons ever. Or rather, a legion of them. Eek. This movie did have an unexpected ending, though.


We all know a few kids we think are somewhat creepy. What if your child suddenly becomes your ultimate nightmare? Would you stay and fight the creepiness or run from the torment? Please do not watch this movie alone, you are not gonna find it funny.

The Poltergeist

A horror movie classic is what this movie is. And you cannot be called a true horror movie veteran if you haven’t sat through this nerve-wracking thriller. If however, you value your sanity, please find a partner and watch during the day, with all the lights on. Or not.

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Drag Me To Hell

Remember how we got it drummed into our heads when we were growing up to always respect elderly people? And even now, there are a set of people we don’t want to get into trouble with. You know them, really old women with no teeth and wrappers trailing behind them. Yeah, those people. See what happens to this beautiful girl who denies a sweet old lady a loan. In summary, you’ll be avoiding old women for a while.


Ballet dancer meets dance company meets witches. How interesting could this get? Be warned, there’s a lot of gore, maggots, and nice music to go along with it. Grab some popcorn, if you can eat. Haha! And make sure your company is a good one, or you might have to clean up some vomit. That’s not a given, though.

Honeymoon (Luna de Miel)

No, it’s not a demon chasing the newly wedded bride. That’s cliché. See, you have done some crazy things like leave home to class or work very early, right? Now imagine if someone took you on a honeymoon as you stood at the bus stop. Yeah, that’s the reaction we all had.


Finding a wife shouldn’t be hard, should it? Well, our handsome protagonist finds this out the hard way. And if you have a tinder account, you might want to give it a break for a while. Cue evil laugh.


I had a lot of dolls growing up and didn’t get to them disposing of them until some years ago. I’ll tell you why in one word: Annabelle. And I’m still not a fan of blonde, blue-eyed dolls. I admire them, from a very safe distance. One thing, when you are watching this, ensure the children are far, far away. Unless you plan on doing vigils for a week.


A lot of things went down in this family drama. And grief can cause a lot of mishaps. Oh, by family, we don’t mean the entire family. If you do not have guts, do not watch this movie alone, and please exclude the children. By the way, Toni Collette was as beautiful as ever.

The Babadook

What would you do if your child went missing and a group of seemingly harmless children will do anything to stop you from finding him? And I mean, anything. Please note that under no circumstances should anyone below eighteen watch this movie. Except you want to visit psychiatrists for a year.

The Taking Of Deborah Logan

Sweet old lady meets Alzheimer’s meets witchcraft meets something else. Ladies and gentlemen, you will be scrambling for your bibles sooner than you think. And to think that some people braved the odds by watching this movie all by themselves? Clark Kent has got nothing on y’all.


Two things happen after you watch this movie. One, you’ll throw out your earplugs, air pods, and beats by Dre headphones. Two, you are going to get motion sensors in your house ASAP. My only advice is – do not watch this movie alone and at night. This is not a dare. This is a movie you should never watch alone.

The Ritual

You know why Nigerians are lucky? We really do not care about activities like backpacking across west Africa or swimming the length of the river Niger. But, we do have fantasies, don’t we? The Ritual will play on your mind and gobble up all your fantasies. It’s best if you have people around when you watch this one. Trust me.

Under The Shadow

You can’t go out, it’s a war zone. Your house is haunted by a malevolent spirit. You have to protect yourself and your daughter. Dear reader, what else could possibly go wrong? Do not watch this movie alone and before you sleep.

It Follows

So much for having sex with the guy you are in love with, supposedly. This movie will make you think twice about sexual relations in new relationships, haha. And don’t worry, there are enough unease and death marches to go around.

The Descent

Trust me, after a glimpse of what’s lurking behind the cover. You won’t be going on vacation anytime soon. And you will be hugging your family members every chance that you get. If you don’t, send us a mail, we will give you a badge.


  • The Nun
  • Paranormal Activity
  • The ABCs of Death
  • Child’s Play
  • The Thing
  • Dawn of the Dead
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • Halloween
  • Get Out

We do hope you enjoyed the list of “Movies You Should Not Watch Alone”. If you feel we left anyone horror movie worth mentioning, please let us know via the comment box. 

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  1. You just made my day. Some other ones I know are
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    Curse of layorina
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