Travel Bucket List: 13 Places You Should Visit Before You Turn 30

places to visit before you turn 30
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Travel Bucket List: 13 Places You Should Visit Before You Turn 30

Traveling is a very fun way to learn! After spending most of the early stages of our lives in school, learning in one location, we’ll find traveling an effective way of opening up and connecting with the rest of the world. It’s is almost like having a condensed crash course, where you discover how the rest of the world actually lives. Not behind your computer or phone this time, but right there with your two feet in that country or city. This post is a compilation of13 places you should visit before you turn 30 and the reasons you should visit them.

It’s incredible how we can challenge ourselves to step out of the rut or routines in our daily lives and step into someplace new and exciting, sometimes, not even knowing what to expect. Traveling for you might be an opportunity to relax, step out of the pressure and rejuvenate, or a time to connect with friends and family or a window for expanding your perspective or gain inspiration. Whatever reason you may have for wanting to travel, if you’re wondering which fun places to visit before you turn 30, let me inspire you!

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13 Places You Should Visit Before You Turn 30

Paris, France

Paris is absolutely one of the places you should visit before you turn 30. Ditch the crowded attractions – the Eiffel Tower (it does look so much better from a distance anyway) – and instead head to the array of trendy coffee shops littered around the capital to truly feel like a local. Take in the historic sites which you’ll be sure to find, explore Le Marais & Eat Pastries on Rue Royale, enjoy a bloody Mary in its birthplace and take in the Scenery at Place Des Vosges.

After a satisfying tour around Paris, you could head over to get a closer look at the Eiffel Tower.

 Berlin, Germany

Germany has the best beer in the world and the most punctual people. How these two facts go together, I do not know. If you paid attention in history class in high school, you’ll remember that Berlin is a capital smothered in history and dictated into our history books. Berlin is a must for those who wish to know more. However, if you’re like me that dozed off during every history class, a trip to Berlin could be a great opportunity to make up for those “lost knowledge”. From Jewish memorials to a Berlin Wall memorial, take yourself out of the books and into the reality of where it all took place.

For those totally uninterested in history, instead, enjoy the array of lush-green parks Berlin has on offer with an intimate picnic or take a look at the Bathing lakes for picture-worthy views. You could also visit the Museum Island, the Television Tower, Charlottenburg Palace, and Park, Berlin Cathedral Church, and The Topography of Terror.

 Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the most diverse place in Japan. Whether you’re interested in food, art, sports, architecture, nightlife, fashion, watching sumo, or simply experiencing the most populated city in the world, you’re sure to find Tokyo fascinating. From British-style pubs to Jamaican-themed cafés, you’ll find endless, fascinating mixes of Japanese and foreign cultures here.

Check out Shin-Okubo for a slice of Seoul in Tokyo or head to Nishi Kaisai if you’re after a proper Indian curry.

 Venice, Italy

Venice is truly a charmer, attracting millions of tourists around the year. It is another one of the places you should visit before you turn 30. With its singing gondoliers, famed cuisine, and winding cobbled streets, epitomized by the Grand Canal that runs across the city and picturesque heritage monuments around, Venice is the place where you would love to walk into the sunset. I’m almost certain you’ll stumble across many camouflaged gems on your way around Venice. So make the most of those walks, allowing yourself to get lost between churches and chapels.

One of the famous places to see in Venice is the Doge’s Palace. It is an immensely beautiful and gorgeous palace, located on the bank of the Grand Canal.

 Reykjavik, Iceland

There are definitely lots of fun places to visit in Reykjavik, Iceland. The Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is amazing and the scenery changes all the time as icebergs move all the time and no two visits are ever the same. Take a dip in the wondrous geothermal Blue Lagoon, stay at The Retreat Hotel, and enjoy your very own, private, slice of the blue spa. You can visit the Diamond each across the road of the glacier lagoon. You can see the extraordinary ice formation scattered all over the beach like huge diamonds shining in the sunlight. Always keep your eyes peeled, as the astonishing natural auroras that light up the sky could happen at any moment with good weather conditions.


Tanzania is one of the safest countries in Africa. It is a great destination for tourists. This is why it is one of the 30 places you should visit before you turn 30. You could visit Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Zanzibar Beaches, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park, Mafia Island, Tarangire National Park, and the Pemba Island.

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From Agadir to Marrakech, Morocco is full of amazing cities and towns. Morocco is safe, beautiful, cheap, and luxurious at the same time. You’ve probably seen plenty of photos on Instagram, featuring the hotels, which look like palaces – Riads. Staying in one of them is not that expensive at all.

Santorini, Greece

Greece is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe and Santorini island in Greece of one of the most instagrammable places on Earth. Wake up to the striking sunrise across Santorini, a paradise for romantics. With a crisp white and blue-hued palette, this stylish Island will leave your Instagram feed looking bright and modern. From open-air cinemas to hot springs, there’s much more to this Greek island than just pretty buildings.

Cancun, Mexico

Mexico is a very accessible destination for all Northern Americans and it’s really amazing. Mexico has so many fabulous colorful cities like Puebla or San Cristobal and perfect resorts in places like Cancun. An indulgent beach retreat, Cancun boasts some of the most exceptional sea views in the world. Clear-as-day turquoise sea, soft-to-the-touch white sands, trendy hotels, what more could you ask for? Well, also being renowned for its nightlife, underground rivers, and thrilling watersports, Cancun is a touristic haven.


There are some countries every keen traveler dreams to visit. And there are other ones that are not desired by tourists. These are usually overlooked and not given much thought to, though not always rightfully. Belarus is quite an example of one of such places. But taking all the sentiments out, you’ll find that there really are lots of fun places to visit in Belarus.

Instead of reading how and imagining, how was life back in the USSR, just head to Belarus. The capital, Minsk shows you how life was in the 70s or 80s. Not much has changed since then in the city and it’s really really interesting.


Cuba is a unique country and my advice – you should visit it now before it changes. And believe me, as a developing nation, it will change. Cuba is all about the atmosphere and it has a certain charming ability. Thousands of people have confessed to falling in love with the country even those with the coldest of hearts. Their rum is one of the best in the world.

Giza, Egypt

This Egyptian city is home to the iconic pyramids and King Khufu’s historic tomb. Must-visits include The Great Sphinx, The Solar Boat Museum and Cairo Citadel. Swamped in desserts and heat, a trip to Giza will be very unique to any other on this ultimate bucket list.

 Sydney, Australia

One of the last 13 places you should visit before you turn 30 is Australia. Sun, sand, and sea, Sydney has it all. The best way to explore Australia is to hire or even buy a campervan or a motorhome (whatever you call it). With this, you can then head on to your adventure of a lifetime! Catch a memorable performance at the artistic Sydney Opera House, take a stroll along the scenic Harbour Bridge, or get your tan on at Bondi Beach.

Feeling more inspired to travel now? Let us know which country you liked most and would love to visit in the comment section. You could also share some of the places you’ll like to visit in these countries.


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