What To Carry To A Peaceful Protest: #EndPoliceBrutality

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With the ongoing #EndPoliceBrutality protests and fights for Justice in Nigeria, you may want to join on the streets to let your voice be heard. If you’re planning to, here are some essentials you need to have before hitting the streets.

 A Backpack

For ease of carriage, and room for your belongings, a backpack is the best choice of bag to take for a peaceful protest. Do not put in too many things into your backpack, as it’ll make you tire easily. Do not put too little, then carrying the backpack would be a waste of time. With just the right things in it, your backpack would be your most useful item on the protest ground.

Good shoes and clothes

The importance of wearing comfortable shoes and clothes cannot be overemphasized. You’ll be standing for long hours, so you have to choose comfort over style in your choice of clothes. Also, if any violence breaks out, you need to be able to run.

 Food, water, and snacks

Of course, you’ll get hungry, Of course, you’ll need to snack, so remember to put some food, water, and a snack in your backpack. However, do not be tempted to overeat, as that’ll make you tired, and slow.

 Identity card

You should always carry your identification card with you, anywhere, a protest ground most especially, as it’ll enable you to identify yourself if need be.

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You’ll be using a lot of energy, and you’ll need to replenish that energy being used to fight for a better country, so ensure you have glucose handy in your backpack for when you’ll need it.


How else to display your opinion, if not on cardboard paper? So ensure you have your cardboard, and write the message you want to pass across. This message could be any of the following: #LekkiMassacre, #EndSARS, #EndBadGovernanceNigeria, #EndPoliceBrutality

Now, note, that not everyone has the zeal, or energy, to be on the protest grounds. But we can all play our parts in other aspects like supporting financially, engaging online, and sensitizing those around us on the reasons for the protest. Whichever one you do, do it well.

#End Police Brutality #EndBadGovernanceNigeria #LekkiMassacre


Credit: Fejiro Metro


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