Five Ways To Avoid Burnout As A Creative

ways to avoid burn out as a creative
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Five Ways To Avoid Burnout As A Creative

Being a creative is fun! You have the liberty to let your thoughts run wild – no constraints. Birthing things from your imagination is a very big bonus of doing creative work. And while everyone just looks at the surface, you possess that tremendous ability to see the deeper meaning. You see the different sides of just one thing, (and maybe) produce an amazing story from that discarded piece. Well, being a creative is fun until you begin to burn out. If you’re constantly moving fast pace, experiencing burnout is as inevitable as the clouds staying in the sky. This is why it is important to learn ways to avoid burnout as a creative.

It is particularly very easy for creatives to experience burnout because of the nature of the work that they do. Most creatives tend to see their work as fun (it really is anyway) – almost like they’re on vacation every single day. The con of this, however, is that doing creative work would most times require you to put pressure on your brain. This is one thing that creative do not seem to consider so much. This constant pressure on the brain is in fact what leads to burnout.

As a creative in a corporate space, you may find that a heightened need to put constant pressure on your brain, in a bid to meet up with the pressure to deliver within deadlines.

Ways To Avoid Burnout As A Creative

Be Realistic With Your Goals

Time management in a fast-paced world can be difficult, especially when you are first starting out as a creative. When you’re overwhelmed, everything on your to-do list might seem like it needs to be done ASAP, but in reality, most of the time tasks can be split into ‘urgent and ‘important’. Prioritizing tasks is key to focusing the mind.

Always be realistic with how much you can accomplish in one day. If you commit to doing too much in an unrealistic time frame, it is likely that you will feel more burned out.

Stay on top of your finances

Some creatives, especially those just starting out freelancing career, are always worrying about their finances. Since money doesn’t come in at a fixed time of the month or in a certain chunk, there tends to be a risk of excess spending.

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Staying on top of your finances can help you feel more in control of how much you spend. This way you would not need to work your ass out to make up for those moments of excess spending. You can automate your personal accounting by using tools like cloud accounting software that can be used from any device – all you need is an internet connection. It gives you an up-to-date snapshot of how your business is doing, giving you the insights you need to make the right decisions for your company.

More so, this allows you to channel your time to do more productive work rather than spending it on accounting.

Learn How To Turn Off

As a creative, your work is your passion. It’s easy for it to become a fundamental part of your everyday routine, but this makes it difficult to separate work life from home.

To avoid burnout as a creative, it would help to keep to normal working hours and avoid working late into the evening (where possible). It’s vital to ensure a distinction between your working day and your time to relax, otherwise, you’re more susceptible to burnout. Working after hours can actually make you less productive, too – because you’re less able to switch off when it counts. Small things like clearing your workspace away at the end of the day will make a big difference.

Ask yourself regularly, “how am I doing?”

Rest is crucial! Prioritizing your wellbeing should be just as much a part of your daily routine as a to-do list is. Physical and emotional burnout can sometimes be traced back to elements of your lifestyle, such as diet, exercise, and sleep.

We’ve all experienced those times when creative juices are flowing and it’s tempting to stay up late working on it — but without the right sleep, your week is not going to be as productive as it could be. Exercise is also important, even if it’s just once or twice a week or going for some short walks in the day to get some space away from your screen.

Give yourself a break

Taking some time off work (when possible) does a whole lot to your productive energy than you may know. There’s a reason they say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Whenever possible, take time out to switch off.

If you can, schedule some downtime every day, the same way you would a meeting. Whether it’s getting out on your daily walk or run, or listening to your favorite podcast, ensure that you’re getting away from your desk and taking your mind off work.

Work can be all-consuming. Implementing a routine that includes downtime is going to benefit both you and your business in the long run. A brain that’s allowed to switch off works more efficiently when it needs to be switched on.

Parting Thoughts

Most creatives tend to have a hard time saying no. Learning to say no is a skill that you need to hone. It is not a necessity to accept every client and opportunity that comes your way. You are totally in order when you decide to be picky, considering your time restraints and making sure you still allow yourself days off and time to relax.

What are some things you do to avoid or deal with burnout? Kindly share via the comment section. Thanks!


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