How To Be Productive When No One Is Watching! 

how to stay productive
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The first fear of getting a remote job for most people is the absence of a boss. There is no one to peep in and scold you for taking some minutes more for that nap or that game, so how can you overcome this temptation?

It is 2020 and remote jobs are taking over the office space. Meetings, seminars, and virtually all or most physical activities are getting moved to apps like zoom, Microsoft teams, google meet, and the list goes on. For many people, this is something they have always dreamed of, and for some others, it is their worst nightmare. Either group you belong to, remote work has come to stay, or the experience is may not be as interesting as the dream, as most of us have already seen. Working remotely takes more commitment than we expected. So, how do we stay remote and remain productive?

Tip 1: Create a Nice Environment

A conducive environment makes us feel better, and in turn, makes us more productive. A conducive environment may not necessarily be perfect (as you may not have the funds to create the “perfect” environment for yourself, I definitely don’t.). Try to be creative with your workspace and create somewhere you will always want to be. Avoid clusters and colors that would give you a headache.

Tip 2: Have A To-Do List

To-Do lists are not overrated. There, I said it. The trick to having a “working” To-Do list is actually following through with the activities on it. There are many apps you can use to create a To-Do list, and if you are not comfortable with apps, you can go to the traditional way – with a pen and paper. You can list out your general goals (per week/month), then break them down into daily activities, with time attached, i.e 30mins, 1hour

Tip 3: Set Reminders For Tasks And Deadlines

You’re at home, so the probability of forgetting you have work to do is quite high, setting reminders is a way to put a check to the number of things that you forget. You can set constant reminders at minute intervals, to serve as your nagging boss (wink) for each activity/deadline that you have to do or meet up with.

Tip 4: Time Your Tasks

Once you have started with something, the temptation is always there to keep going until you finish it up, regardless of how long it takes you. There is absolutely no harm in that, but then, it may take you the whole day, and you will end up with other neglected tasks and an unchecked To-Do list. The best way to avoid this is to time your tasks. The pomorodo technique can be used for timing your tasks, and there are apps you can download for this technique. You can also make use of a stopwatch, or a countdown timer.


While doing all these, it’s very important to not forget to rest, as that’s also another temptation that arises when we become immersed in work, and there’s no closing time. Always remember, your health should come first.

Stay happy and productive!

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