Big Brother Naija Season 5: Drama All The Way

big brother naija
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Drama! Lots of it. That was the definition of the last days of week 3 in the big brother house. Who else has noticed that all of the major action happens on Saturday and crosses over into Sunday! Talk about prime time reality TV, or like someone said, “realifake TV”. But, so what if they are faking it? The drama is top-notch and everyone is having a good time. Regardless of what anybody says, big brother Naija season 5 is heating up very rapidlly. Plus, we now have a more detailed understanding of the in house personas of each of the housemates. Let us not get ahead of ourselves though.

First,bbnaija season 5

Tochi and Eric were evicted yesterday. Will they be missed? No. Both guys had the least connections with the BBN public forum. Eric’s deal was sealed after his love interest, Lilo was evicted from the house last week. He should make plans to meet up with her, soon. And Tochi? Well, there was nothing interesting about him, sadly. Maybe he had a strategy and was waiting to play, but we know the big brother house waits for no one. Go big, go crazy or go home!

The bottom four were Kaisha, Trikytee, Eric, and Tochi. Kaisha and Trikytee were in the bottom 9 last week, and they just moved down to the bottom four. Both of them will have to do something soon or they will get the boot too. And, between everyone on the BBN forum, those hugs eric and Tochi were receiving were fake. Very fake. It was quite obvious. A chin lift or handshake would be better. It’s better than stabbing one in the back and calling an ambulance after. But then, life is not fair, is it?

Speaking of fairness…

Lucy AKA the house witch and Nengi had a major throwdown yesterday! It was the ultimate! Everything! It was what the Big Brother Naija season 5 fans have been waiting for. Lucy threw punches yesterday and did not hold back. The general conclusion is that she was trying to get a certain bros to see through the facade that is the “love of his life” but he didn’t. Or he couldn’t. The throwdown did earn Lucy some new fans and the grudging respect of other enthusiasts. She seems to be the most realistic female in the house and she isn’t trying to impress anyone. And the throwdown caused the respect-o-meter for some people to drop.


Ozo was the head of house! Yay! He picked his best friend to be his deputy. And that did not go down well with a certain somebody. You know who. Plus, Vee and Neo are going strong. The pair seem to be having a good time and are keeping away from drama and “entanglements”. Some people could learn from their example.


The Ozo train may wreck very soon. The triangle is having very sharp edges and may soon break, leaving permanent damage behind. Ozo has said that he has feelings for Nengi and adores his relationship with Dora. Hmm. It’s a train wreck waiting to happen. Besides, Dora is still maintaining that she has no feelings for Ozo. But, our in house prophet, pastor Brighto doesn’t think so. He told Ebuka exactly that.

And Laycon…

Laycon was heartbroken! There’s nothing like liking someone and they do not like you back. Ah! Imagine someone tells you “I’m mentally attracted to you” and that’s all. Being intelligent is not a curse, is it? But, some of Laycon’s fans, the Icons, were fuming with anger. Rumor had it that some icons were beginning to decamp. Most icons regard Laycon as a Marlian, the guy representing the streets. So, seeing him acting like a  “simp” did not go down well with them. And they sure have made it very clear. And he didn’t disappoint! Laycon brought in real, primetime marlianism back! He’s kinging again and bringing in real content. Piece of advice for Laycon, avoid all the shapes and sizes of bottles, you’re not Tony Umez.


Both of them are using each other, no offense. It is quite brilliant. They have thoroughly analyzed each other and have seen that when they are apart, they are not of any importance. So, the wires will continue to cross and bottles will continue to break. There’s an end goal, people. 85 million bucks is worth every single piece of crazy.

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Tolanibaj won the affections of Prince. The pair are starting something and Tolanibaj is already laying down the law. She essentially gave Prince a rule book that says in summary, “cheat on me and I’ll ruin you”. And we do know who’s at the top of Tolanibaj’s list. It is as clear as day. Wathoni had also set her eyes on Prince too, but the best woman won. And she is not about to let him out of her sights. Tolanibaj probably invented the word, “possessive’, she looked like she’d kill Prince on Saturday night. He danced with Wathoni. Hehehehe. Anyway, Prince is Mr. Cool, he’ll sort that out in no time.

In other news,

Ebuka needs to stop Nengi from spilling her guts in the bathroom. It seems the babe always goes into the toilet and bathroom to do the dirty, and there are no cameras to record whatever she says or does. Put an end to it, Ebuka! Nengi must spill in public. Someone should make that into a viral hashtag.

Brighto is the new Lord Baelish. The guy is the total picture of calm in the midst of the storm. Someone said, “all he is good for is good vibes, good food, and bad advice!” hahaha. Brighto is a vibe, regardless. He is focused, he’s avoiding entanglements and woman wahala. Nobody should be surprised if he wins. The guy was making semo in the middle of all the drama last night. Talk about chill vibes.

So, there we have it. All of the latest news on BBN season 5. What do you think? Whose respect-o-meter dropped for you? And do you think the evictions are occurring based on gender? Who leaves the house next? Make an accurate prediction now!

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