7 Apps To Manage Your Personal Finances As A Freelancer

manage your personal finances
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7 Apps That Can Help You Manage Your Personal Finances As A Freelancer

It is hard enough to manage your personal finances when working in a corporate space, how much more when you’re working as a freelancer. If we’re being honest, we’d admit that the inconsistencies in our earnings as freelancers, can take a huge toll on how we spend money.

Typically, if you’ve been freelancing for quite a while and have been able to build quite a reputation for yourself in the freelancing space, you would often find yourself reaching out to buy stuff that you probably do not need, maybe just want or crave. And every time you do this, there’s always a loud voice in your head cheering you on and reminding you that the job you’re gonna deliver later in the day would make up for the money that you’re about to spend. Without being told twice, it is quite clear that this is rather an unhealthy spending habit.

Before you come screaming at me, hear me out…

I’m a subtle advocate for self-treats and I don’t believe in depriving yourself of certain pleasures particularly when you are financially capable of sponsoring those pleasures. However, the inconsistency in earnings as a freelancer is something to keep an eye out for when satisfying those cravings, especially when this is done on a regular basis.

Say you’re at a point in your freelance career journey where you are still trying to gain a firm footing. With the absence of financial security that comes with the corporate space, you could find yourself always thinking ahead and potentially worrying about the next job. Really, finance is one aspect of our lives and career journey that is difficult to manage. And with freelancing, it is very easy to lose track of your earnings and expenditure, particularly because you do not earn on a fixed basis as with the corporate space. After all, we all want to have money that we can fall back on in moments of emergencies.

Best Apps That Can Help You Manage Finances

Whether you’ve been into freelancing for quite a while or are just starting out, money is a big deal, and we’re always wondering how to manage it. These apps to manage personal finances can also let you know where most of your money goes and how you need to balance your expenses.


This app works as your personal finance assistant. It offers guidance and helps you manage personal finances, and tracks funds in real-time. Quicken monitors all of your investments to prepare a budget on your behalf and keeps a check on all the spendings. In search of an app with good customer support, Quicken is your go-to.


Mint is among the best finance apps and provides almost all the essential features and services related to financing in one place. When you link your debit card and credit card with the app, it can then automatically generate the list of all your spendings, sorting them into different categories so that you can easily understand the statement. This allows you to keep track of your bills and make it easy for you to stick to your budget.

One amazing thing about this app is that you can link your credit card for free.


This hands-off savings app makes saving a lot easier. It automatically works out how much money can go into your savings pot, and what’s the best time to put it in.

The money is transferred to your savings pot in small amounts, once every few days, so you won’t even notice it’s gone, and will slowly build up a rainy-day fund, without even noticing.


Spendee helps you effortlessly control all your cash expenses, bank accounts, E-Wallets, and crypto-wallets, consequently, managing your money smartly. You get a complete overview of your total incomes and expenses at a glance and in one place when you connect your bank account to the app. You don’t need to worry, it’s totally secure.

With Spendee, you can set your standard budget. This way, the app will help you take care that you do not spend more than the set budget and do not have a high debt ratio.

Pocket Guard

Pocket Guard literally protects your money. Nah, not from thieves and fraudsters, but from yourself.

The app keeps a track of your spending for you, and its unique feature ‘In my pocket’ allows you to see the spending money you have at that time. This allows users to quickly check whether they can afford a purchase, before making it.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a kind of wealth management app that manages all of your investments and major expenses to help you easily keep track and manage personal finances. The app analyses your cash flow each month, tracks cryptocurrency, and calculates your net worth, changing them into an easy-to-digest graph. It also allows you to plan and forecast for your retirement and monitor your investments, all in one place.

Personal Capital also has features that help in tracking and optimizing all your investments, allowing you to diversify your portfolio and letting you check where you stand by checking your status with the market benchmarks. Like a financial advisor, Personal Capital helps you make the best decision for yourself. You can be sure to achieve your investment goals with the help of this app.


If you love saving money using an envelope, then Goodbudget would sweep you off your feet. Goodbudget is an excellent replica of envelopes. What’s more, it fixes that problem by turning envelope budgeting digital. All of the ‘envelopes’ are on your phone, making it a modern, safe alternative to the method.


Thank you so much for reading till the end! So I was wondering if you’ve ever tried out any of the apps above. If you have, kindly share what your opinions about the app(s) in the comment section. I’ll be waiting to read them 🙂 Feel free to share other apps that you’ve used too that helps you manage your personal finances.


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